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newborn_vaccineIf you think that your child might have been damaged by vaccinations, please contact us.

We can help your child recover from the physical damage by way of natural treatments and supplements.

Read our article on the 50 Reasons why not to vaccinate your children on our articles page.

We also have a presentation that we've put together with various facts and figures regarding vaccinations.

Please feel free to download it and view it.



Join us for the next Inner Circle entrepreneurial networking meeting in Chez Girard restuarant. Meet other business people in a wide range of business sectors, make contacts and showcase your business.

A quick search on the Internet will reveal

dozens of different websites offering non-manufacturer device drivers. The DCP-350C prints records fast at up to 30 ppm in black and white and generates high-resolution tests of up to 19200 19200 dpi.

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weleda_buildingDo you have a burning desire to change unhealthy lifestyle habits?

A healthy lifestyle should become a new permanent way of life and not just a new temporary diet fad.

Welcome to better energy, better mood, decreased physical pain and suffering physical and better productivity...


Chamilla_1Chamilla Sanua is the inspiration behind The Naturally Yours Centre. The New Conscious Wellness Centre is located on the corner of Culross and Main Roads, Bryanston. 

The centre’s inspiring team of doctors, therapists and shop owners were handpicked by Chamilla and are recognised as being among the best in their fields.

The tenant mix reflects Chamilla’s vision behind the centre; a place of healing based on knowledge systems from all walks of life including doctors, homeopaths, a podiatrist, a chiropractor, psychologists and a range of integrated health therapists.

‘There is a real need for like-minded individuals to come together to work together, to heal Mankind together in the same place with the same real intention,’ says Chamilla.

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